About Us

About Us

IND INC. Industrial Kitchen, with N'DUSTRIO brand Industrial Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Ice Machine, Laundry, engaged in the production of cold rooms and set-top equipment, Turkey and the marketing on a global scale, 100% Turkish capital that performs the distribution and sales is a Turkish company. It was established in 04.06.2009 by business people whose knowledge and experience in the industrial kitchen sector dates back to many years, and has shown that it is determined and persistent in its goal of becoming one of the pioneers of the sector by showing continuous growth since its establishment. It has exported its products to 57 countries of the world and has contributed to its goal of delivering its products to all countries of the world by opening its Qatar office as of 2019.



The main goal of our company is international leadership, which is based on our experience in production, sales, distribution channels and markets in Turkey and in the rest of the world.

To present the innovative product and service quality with the experienced and dynamic team in line with social responsibility with the professional participation and contribution of our partners for the consumers’ trust and appreciation by providing our customers’ needs in industrial kitchen and laundry sectors with the most common distribution channels and most professional project solutions.


Applying the production of industrial kitchen equipment, by searching and improving with innovative solutions,

Creating innovative products with highest quality and technology,

Producing environment friendly, durable, long lasting, efficient and effective products,


To be the innovator and leader in its sector in the whole world.


  • Superior service and product quality,
  • High employee and customer satisfaction,
  • Success,
  • Leadership in the market,
  • Trust,
  • Innovation,
  • Continuous education,
  • Social awareness,
  • Participation of multiple and different partners