HR Policy


Our mission is to make our success and quality in the Industrial Kitchen sector together with the N'DUSTRIO family employees with a management system focused on the value it gives to people. Our most important awareness is to create an environment where all our employees in the chain we create from production to after sales services can do their jobs in the best way, to constantly observe this process according to the needs that may arise and to know that this will be reflected in the result of our work. Our main purpose in the path we follow is to become aware of the competencies of our current employees, to ensure that they use their competencies at the right time and in the right place, and to help our new employees to complete the adaptation process in a fast and motivated way. Thanks to this process, it is an indication of our commitment to our goal to monitor the return of the team work and the synergy that will occur afterwards to success. For the company, in-house trainings are given for the evaluation and development of our employees' competencies and we evaluate the most productive areas of work together with our employees according to their abilities. All rights are given to our employees within the scope of the Labor Law, and these rights and salary policy are determined in line with the employee interests. Recruitment processes are defined by procedures and orientation processes are aimed to increase the productivity of our employees in areas that comply with their job descriptions. Measures have been taken and will continue to be taken to ensure that there is no race, religion, language and gender discrimination among employees, and that employees are protected against physical, mental and emotional ill-treatment within the company. A safe working environment and conditions are provided for employees in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety regulations. It is checked whether they work in accordance with these condi